New Year Ninety 2018 – 10 to 2

Heading towards the number one spot on the 2018 New Year Ninety – The chart from 10 to 2.

| mellowtone | - New Year ninety 2018

| mellowtone |

10. From Gemini (Canada)

The eponymous EP is available on bandcamp.

9. Na’an Stop (USA)

Na’an Stop – Na’an Stop is available on iTunes.*

8. The Fill Ins (USA)

The Time Is Now is available on bandcamp.

7. Jesse Dean (USA)

Arkansas Amplifier is available on bandcamp.

6. The K’s (England)

5. Ghost State (USA)

4. Simon Dinwiddy (England)

Round the Bend – Single – Simon Dinwiddy is available on iTunes.*

3. | mellowtone | (Switzerland)

Broken Rooms – Mellowtone is available on iTunes.*

2. Bopek (The Philippines)

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Band Of The Month – July 2017 – Editors’ Choice

The short-list for the Editors’ Choice for Band Of The Month for July 2017 was extensive…

The Fill Ins - Band Of The Month July 2017

The Fill Ins

…from the USA – The Fill Ins.

The Time Is Now is available on bandcamp.

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The Fill Ins – Sinner’s Choice – Audio

The US new-wave quartet The Fill Ins released the LP The Time Is Now on the 30th of June.

The Fill Ins

The Fill Ins

Whilst I do enjoy exploring music of differing genres; Regular readers will know I am always happiest in my own home territory of fulminating rock that sits within the three minute boundary and there is little chance I would pass on this album (available on bandcamp). A six track plus two revisions release that is all over within twenty three minutes. All you need to do is find your fourteen hole DMs – turn up the volume and pogo, though to be fair The Fill Ins are pretty snazzy rock’n’roll players too which you will discover having heard the complete LP.

My selection being the – atypical instrumental only – opener – Sinner’s Choice.


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