The Eversons – Weird Year – Video

The England based New Zealand originating indie-rock band The Eversons first featured back in 2012 and have been a regular staple on the various sites ever since.

The Eversons - Weird Year

The Eversons

Over the years they have never been an overtly political out-fit – though often casting quizzical and satirical looks at the world around. Their most recent track to surface – Weird Year –  continues the theme as they ponder on the topsy-turvey nature of 2016.

Regular readers know that I will normally use an audio embed when options between a video version and an audio file exist, but on this occasion the video extracts the events of the year with greater clarity.

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The Eversons – Good At Making Enemies – Video

The New Zealand indie-rock band The Eversons will be releasing the LP Stuck in New Zealand on the 18th of November.

The Eversons - Stuck in New Zealand - artwork

The Eversons – Stuck in New Zealand – artwork

After a slight delay – the album was first sign-posted in early 2015Stuck In New Zealand (available via Lil’ Chief Records) is a release I am looking forward to gathering in to the fold.

The reveal of the second of the dozen tracks – Good At Making Enemies – indicates all is back on schedule.

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The Eversons – クールでね (Play It Cool) – Video

The New Zealand Rock’n’Roll band The Eversons are currently in Japan. To coincide with the tour they released an EP for distribution in Japan, sung in Japanese.

The Eversons - クールでね (Play It Cool)

The Eversons

From the release – クールでね (Play It Cool).

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The Eversons – Emily – Audio

The Eversons – a rock ‘n’ roll band from New Zealand were introduced in 2012.

The Eversons

The Eversons

Plans are afoot for an LP – Stuck in New Zealand – to be released later this year. In advance of having the full track listing – from the forthcoming album – Emily.

Emily – The Eversons is available on iTunes.*

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