Birds And Beasts – The Day I Was Born – Audio

Birds And Beasts is an English folk’n’roll quartet.

Birds And Beasts

Birds And Beasts

A few stop-starts over the years with various line-up changes Birds And Beasts towards the end of last year settled to a firmer concept and this month surfaced with three new pieces of music for those of us not local to get to hear. One the official single which came out on the 26th.

As is so often the case, when I am given options, the selection I ask you to spend time with is not the one the band were particularly trying to draw to attention, which in this case was – Turn With The Tide. A harmony of vocals which elegantly spread across the room encased within intriguing combinations of electronica and folded guitar (available on bandcamp).

I select The Day I Was Born as a means to introduce the band – a busy rock’n’roll infused blend of country-folk resulting in a number in which the listener can delightedly stomp on the table-top.


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