Nervous Germans – Punk Rock Radio – Audio

The Germany based alt-rock band Nervous Germans were introduced back in 2015.

Nervous Germans - The creeps are back in town

Nervous Germans

In the middle of last month I was sent an email to let me know of a new EP due for release in early April, so once again my apologies for the delayed arrival of this article. The three tracks plus one remix EP The Creeps Are Back In Town (available on bandcamp) having been released on the 1st.

In a release that travels much ground from ’70s punk references, to spotlight classic rock, my selection of the EP is inevitably, for those who know the site, will be unsurprising the opener (which also appears as a remix as the closer) Punk Rock Radio – in which those of the ’70s will spot The Damned and The Ruts riffs and references – in an EP in which Nervous Germans cast their acerbic humour, on the world around.

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