The Cradles – You Can’t Stop Thinking About Me – Video

The Welsh rock quintet The Cradles release the single You Can’t Stop Thinking About Me today.

The Cradles - You Can't Stop Thinking About Me

The Cradles

Their slightly retro ’60s sound which they meld with 21st century garage gives The Cradles a warmth and honesty of delivery that always makes them a pleasure to hear.

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The Cradles – Denmark Street – Video

The Welsh rock band The Cradles were introduced in 2014.

The Cradles - Denmark Street - artwork

The Cradles – Denmark Street – artwork

Their latest track – Denmark Street – is musically reminiscent of the heyday of the namesake in London (England) in its hey day, as the quintet deliver a song wrapped in the sounds of the late sixties.

Denmark Street laments the falling number of live music venues, bubbles of cohesive connections and gritty rock acts in a track that could be applied to many iconic music hubs around the world.

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The Cradles – She’s Got It All – Video

The Cradles – from Wales – were introduced in June of last year.

The Cradles - She's Got It All

The Cradles

Currently developing their live presence, She’s Got It All, is typical of their sound and style, with songs wrapping up within three minutes, this one in less that two.

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New Year Ninety 2015 – 90 to 81

Thanks to the readers and the bands who make the annual New Year Ninety possible.

Tim Whale

Tim Whale

The New Year Ninety chart run down for 2015.

90. The Dirty Panties (USA)

I Am a Robot – The Dirty Panties is available on iTunes.*

89. Siren Call (Austria)

88. Senopia (England)

87. REIGN (Australia)

86. The Cradles (Wales)

Ideal Girl – Single – The Cradles is available on iTunes.*

85. Mr. Kito (South Africa)

Where Are the Lizards? – EP – Mr Kito is available on iTunes.*

84. Voyager (Australia)

V – Voyager is available on iTunes*.

83. The Tarsiers (England)

82. Allusondrugs (England)

Allusondrugs – EP – Allusondrugs is available on iTunes.*

81. The Art Of Amputation (England)

Californian English – Single – The Art Of Amputation is available on iTunes.*

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The Cradles – Do You Wonder Why? – Single Review

The Welsh band The Cradles released their début single Do You Wonder Why? through Vivid Riot a couple of days ago.

The Cradles - Do You Wonder Why? artwork

The Cradles – Do You Wonder Why? artwork

Opening with the title track the music drifts dreamily into the room to a fanfare of percussion and bass before slowly coalescing in to a sound which builds and gains in munificence as it develops. Scintillating sharpened guitars gleam around the room whilst a vocal, tremulous with sympathy, rounds off the whole piece. A delightful introduction to a band who are able to expose the innards of the context.

The second track You Won’t Find Anyone Else has a mixture of  ’60s pop feel and a Lynchian film score to it. A thriving hive of activity within which The Cradles is able to both pack the two minutes with notes, yet also find the space to develop the drama of the piece.

Sadly the whole thing is over in just four and a half minutes. Yet that brief space of time is filled with music that seems to extend the seconds in which they deliver multifarious textures as the quintet each play an integral part to the build-up of the whole.

Given the début, The Cradles is a band to get to know and enjoy.

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