Malka from New York in the USA is the nu-gaze out-fit of EJ DeCoske (Guitar / Synth / Vocal), David Ciauro (Bass / Vocal), Michael Dawson (Drums) and Darko Saric (Guitar / Synth / Vocal).

Malka - nu-gaze from the USA


Like gently blowing strands of silk Malka wend their way around the room covering the listener in a soft caress of aural intoxication. The notes dissipate before the ears can capture them as the quartet deliver their melding folds of echoing guitars and synths.

Malka create music that has a diaphanous felt which finds the audience entranced in the textures of sound. Percussion giving the only tangible evidence to the mind that the disappearing vocals and instrumentation ever existed.

A couple of years behind them, Malka offer the brain the opportunity to dwell in vaguely psychedelic journeys of discovery that are best taken in extended periods of listening as this most certainly is not music to take out on a track-day, rather, on a period of reflection.

Originally only singing in Spanish, the quartet now offer both Spanish and English lyric and their début LP the seven track forty minute The Constant State (which is available on bandcamp) is well worth adding to the playlist – ‘music in which to allow the mind to wander’.


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