New Year Ninety 2016 – 80 to 71

My thanks to all the bands who create music as without you none of this website would be possible. Keep making the world a better place. As is always the nature of the New Year Ninety and Emerging Indie Bands, many of the bands featured no longer exist, though their legacy remains.

The New Year Ninety 2016 –  Eighty to Seventy One.

Hell Oh! - New Year Ninety 2016

Hell Oh!

80. Fine Animal (USA)

Before the Glow – Fine Animal is available on iTunes.*

79. Kill Your Boyfriend (Italy)

Isaac / Nicolas – Single – Kill Your Boyfriend is available on iTunes.*

78. Good Morning Finch (Sicily)

Gemini – Good Morning Finch is available on iTunes.*

77. Viola Beach (England)

76. Maybe The Welders (USA)

Depth of My Love – Single – Maybe the Welders is available on iTunes.*

75. Hell Oh! (Brazil)

We’ve Got Nothing to Say but a Song – Hell Oh! is available on iTunes.*

74. Even In Arcadia (Scotland)

Blue Prints – Single – Even in Arcadia is available on iTunes.*

73, Dioni (Greece / Australia)

Dioni – EP – Dioni is available on iTunes.*

72. The Circus Ship (Scotland)

71. Nervous Germans (Germany)

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The Circus Ship

The Circus Ship – an angsty-rock band based in Glasgow, Scotland is Disa, Harald, Nils and Daniel.

The Circus Ship - angsty-rock based in Scotland

The Circus Ship

Swedish spaciousness meets The Gorbals tinged with a smattering of Celtic-rock and you just know you are in for a good time and The Circus Ship do not disappoint. The quartet hail from Sweden and on the banks of the Forth in Scotland and have taken to their adopted home with some distinction.

Underpinning the compositions lays a narrative of friction, which they are able to translate through pulsing bass / percussion that combines with a guitar framework that sweeps with echoes, which the scowling vocal unifies with anthems that demand of joining in the choruses fusing the audience immediately with The Circus Ship.

Having had the opportunity to take a listen to their back catalogue, that includes home demos which you know is always my preference to get the cut through the gloss and polish of production studio, my only sadness is that they are at present not travelling far away from their territory to get out to see them live.

For those of finer ears than my own tinnitus ringing, a recent release through Last Orders RecordsBarney (available on bandcamp) is a decent place to get to know them, particularly as it includes two live tracks out of the five. Live recording or performance is the essence of The Circus Ship, where the connection becomes strongest as it is the minor imperfections that gives the material its power.

I look forward to hearing much more and wish The Circus Ship the best in the tumult that is the music business, as they have much to add.

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