Avalanche Party – Money – Single Review

From Castleton, North Yorkshire, in England have surfaced Avalanche Party.

Avalanche Party - Money - artwork

Avalanche Party – Money – artwork

Those of longer readership will recall The Chapman Family, reviewed initially in 2012. Out of the ashes of that quartet and with union of elements of a band never featured 3 Foot Ninja emerge Jordan Bell ( Vocals / Guitar), Owen Corrigan (Guitar / Keys), Kane Waterfield (Drums) and Joe Bell (Bass) to form the alt-rock band Avalanche Party.

Squirrelled guitars jump out with cheeks full to pour melodrama to a film-noire template of keys and percussion as the bass funnels the route of direction whilst a scintillating vocal floats high above akin to a ships Crow’s nest look-out calling the reefs.

I have word that an EP is set to surface in May, which will be preceded by one other track.

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Money is available on bandcamp.

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New Year Ninety 2014 – 70 to 61

The New Year Ninety Chart once again showcases a diversity of music styles reflective of the varied interests of the readers of the website who make it all worthwhile and I wish you all the best for 2014.

New Year Ninety - The best independent music

New Year Ninety – The best independent music

70. The Varsity (England)

69. Mi Mye (England)

Sometimes Life’s Cool – Mi mye is available on iTunes*.

68. LaDiDa (Sweden)

67. Slint (USA)

Spiderland – Slint is available on iTunes*.

66. The Chapman Family (England)

Cruel Britannia – The Chapman Family is available on iTunes*.

65. Comfort Slacks (USA)

Biscuit Face – Comfort Slacks is available on iTunes*.

64. The Newds (England)

Ready – The Newds is available on iTunes*.

63. Sculpture (England)

62. Van Funk (Canada)

13 – Van Funk is available on iTunes*.

61. Cable35 (Malta / England)

Fungus – Cable35 is available on iTunes*.

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