The Calm Fiasco – Just Don’t Care Anymore – Audio

The Scottish alt-rock quartet The Calm Fiasco release the EP The Fear on the 24th of March.

The Calm Fiasco - Just Don't Care Anymore

The Calm Fiasco

When initially introduced last year the The Fear did have a launch date of the 20th of April 2016 – the delay has enabled a further track to surface.

Just Don’t Care Anymore sweeps around the room in confident circles of bass / percussion combinations as guitar provides a slightly psychedelic tinge through which vocal rips in to the ears.

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The Calm Fiasco – Lose Control – Audio

The Scottish alt-rock quartet The Calm Fiasco are due to release EP The Fear on the 20th.

The Calm Fiasco

The Calm Fiasco

To surface in the past couple of hours Lose Control is a decent place to get to know The Calm Fiasco. Bren-gun percussion punctuates the walls in bullet holes as the band announce their arrival in a track that easily slinks between ’60s British-blues rock and the punctured lung of ’80s new-wave.

There is some music that just needs to be played loudly to enjoy to its fullest and Lose Control is one of those songs as the tightly strung drum-skins are eaten up by slackened guitar strings whilst a distorted vocal meanders around the head.

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