The Callas – Sad Erection – Audio

The Greek alt-rock band The Callas released the LP Half Kiss Half Pain on the 29th of January.

The Callas - Half Kiss Half Pain - artwork

The Callas – Half Kiss Half Pain – artwork

The second of the ten tracks Sad Erection is a piece which encapsulates the melancholic disappointment that is the territory of The Callas. Interestingly a day in which back to back reviews seemingly reference unrequited sexual fulfilment whilst more broadly speaking of personal isolation in a world of supposed ‘connectivity.

The spoken voice which starts Sad Erection sets the mood prior to the second vocal expressing the emotional harshness of desperately clawing for some sort, any sort of union and the track continues with the two voices weaving around each other in ever greater lament. Framing the vocal element The Callas finesse the song with instrumentation that is even more mournful and sobbing with bereft lonesomeness.

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The Callas – It’s Sunday I’m Bleeding – Audio

The Greek alt-rock band The Callas release the LP Half Kiss Half Pain on the 29th of January 2016.

The Callas

The Callas

Dreamy spires of melting guitar slowly materialise in the room as The Callas deliver softly spoken psychedelia in It’s Sunday I’m Bleeding – the first of the ten tracks on Half Kiss Half Pain (which is available on bandcamp).

The Callas are an experienced group of recording musicians with an extensive international touring schedule and their confidence is manifested in It’s Sunday I’m Bleeding where the extraneous has been excluded leaving the track with a haunting presence which plays powerfully in the mind as small touches are allowed room to become impressive statements.

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