The Byzantines – Top Boy – Video

The Australian electro-indie outfit The Byzantines are due to release the EP You Pull It on the 17th of February.

The Byzantines - Top Boy

The Byzantines

Originally planned for release in November of last year, the slight delay has allowed another track – Top Boy – to surface.

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The Byzantines – She Moves – Audio

The Australian electro-indie band The Byzantines are planning to release an as yet untitled EP next month.

The Byzantines - She Moves

The Byzantines

From the forthcoming release – She Moves – which was made available a few hours ago, spins around the room pulling in the listener to join the party.

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The Byzantines – Jamaica – Video

The Byzantines is an Australian alt-rock band.

The Byzantines - Jamaica

The Byzantines

When introduced in 2014 The Byzantines were a quintet with an electro-rock sound. Reduced down to a group of four the music has lost the emphasis on synthetics and their latest track Jamaica has the off-beat bass that I find to be a magnetic attraction.

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The Byzantines

The Byzantines an electro-rock quintet from Adelaide in Australia is Michael Pietrafesa (Vocal / Synth), David Zammit (Guitar), Rhys Overall (Guitar / Synth/ Samples ), Jose Moucho (Bass) and Johnny Zervas (Drums).

The Byzantines - electro-rock from Australia

The Byzantines

Like strobe lights The Byzantines flicker into the room in a kaleidoscope of sounds. There is a progressive psychedelia element to the music which weaves its way around the ears in ever enlarging looping fractals. Nestling inside the meandering revelations of the quintet lays a rock solid anchor, around which the sounds revolve without ever loosing the angle of direction, that enables the band to play at the edges of the perimeters without loosing sight of where they are heading and keeping the audience entwined with the resulting compositions.

It is possible to discern the many influences of The Byzantines, though that never becomes a distraction from the music as they are able to meld these into new configurations of originality.

I guess there is a constant feature around bands with a psychedelic influence as many have a sparse release schedule and The Byzantines are of similar mould. Formed in 2011 the first EP Colourvision came out in 2013 and the next is due for 2015. Being someone who thrives on three chord three minute wonders I am itching for 2015 to hear what comes next.

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