The Bordellos – They Shoot horses don’t they – Audio

The English agit-rock trio The Bordellos were first introduced back in 2014.

The Bordellos - They Shoot horses don't they

The Bordellos

Word arrives that they may be packing up their bags for a while – though before they disappear – perhaps for ever – from the most recent four track EP The Bordellos underground tape vol 7 (available on bandcamp) the second track They Shoot horses don’t they minds the listener of their long reach to us all. One can only hope they rediscover interest in their own creativity as they sit as a beacon of light in the fog of the malaise of the 21st Century and should they dim – it will be a sadness of passing.

In the possibility that this is a eulogy – I extend my thanks to The Bordellos and gratitude for their legacy.

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The Bordellos – Fanzine Smile – Audio

The English agit-rock trio The Bordellos released the LP How To Lose Friends And Influence No-One on the 9th.

The Bordellos - Fanzine Smile

The Bordellos – Fanzine Smile

Those of longer stay will know precisely why The Bordellos feature regularly with their implosive lofi – for those new who anticipate smartly pressed trousers and shiny shoes here – it may come as a surprise.

Each time I take another listen to The Bordellos so they seem more ground down, though transparently as prepared to scar the speakers. Perhaps the trio are a barometer of the UK as it stands – with a political system bearing no relationship with the populace and a citizenship becoming ever more fractious as they become more annoyed, yet ever more flayed by the abuse.

The almost forty minute, thirteen track album, is replete with many gems (available on bandcamp) – my pick of the release is the shortest song running at seventy six seconds and the sixth on the album – as by title and content it, to me sums up the ethos of The Bordellos with the scathing slice of the distorted Fanzine Smile and no matter how you twist your equalisers it will always be feedback and fuzz.

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The Bordellos – The Left Hand (God Complex) – Audio

The Bordellos, an angst-rock trio from England, released the three track single Fool Brittania on the 29th of June.

The Bordellos - The Left Hand (God Complex)

The Bordellos

Whilst the opening two tracks are easily contemplated railings against the neo-fascist State much of the UK has spilled into in the past week and a half – between them lasting under six minutes of the just over sixteen minutes of Fool Brittania (available on bandcamp), there is some inevitability that I would ask you to consider the ten and a just over a third minutes that make up the rest of the single with its more obscure contemplative with The Left Hand (God Complex).

Taking a foothold towards a tug of war of ideologies The Bordellos stake a firm anchor in the uprising in a rhetorical questioning diatribe of the occlusion of freedom of thought where to question State direction is deemed heinous terrorist activity.

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The Bordellos – Bring Me The Disco King – Audio

Time marches ever onwards as do new tracks by the English agit-rock trio The Bordellos, initially introduced in 2014.

The Bordellos - Bring Me The Disco King

The Bordellos – Bring Me The Disco King

Released on the 3rd was their latest EP – The Bordello underground tape Vol 4. (available on bandcamp).

The Bordellos are forever surfacing with new ideas to consider the world around, the vast majority of which are never committed to anything than live one off performance and to be lost in the winds of time for the audience who attended. It is always a pleasure to scratch the surface of what there is available to hear of a band if you lived in St. Helens – England, you could also catch in their practice studio with the songs that never surface from that space.

I remain convinced The Bordellos do not curate their material for their own aggrandisement, rather than which they scooped together they personally enjoyed and thus we find the latest EP and from the four track release the opener Bring Me The Disco King. A track which teases the audience of unfulfilled promissory notes of a debt due. Instead of putting on sequinned trousers the listener finds themselves searching for attire as the lead mourner slowly striding ahead of the hearse and reaching for maximum bass boost.

The one word ‘Dance’ repeated thrice can not help but take the listener to Ian Curtis, though The Bordellos use this reference merely as a marker of their reference point, not as a pivot.

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Schizo Fun Addict / The Bordellos – Kassette – Audio

Schizo Fun Addict and The Bordellos – both from the underground rock the former from USA the latter England – released the split LP Kassette on the 24th of November.

Schizo Fun Addict / The Bordellos

Schizo Fun Addict / The Bordellos

For those of longer stay, in what is in danger of becoming an annual event, the alt-rock band Schizo Fun Addict and the agit-rock trio The Bordellos have put together another split release. On this occasion the twenty two track album – Kassette.

The shortest track by Schizo Fun Addict on the album  – The Pale Horse – running at precisely sixty seconds is a thumper of a number as it collapses into its own galloping pace.

By The BordellosTemperature Drop resonates of the escarpment of consternations in their angular perspective of the world.

Kassette is available on bandcamp.

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