The Blue Side Band – Come On – Video

The Greek alt-rock quintet – The Blue Side Band were introduced in 2014.

The Blue Side Band - I Stepped Forth From Shadow - artwork

The Blue Side Band – I Stepped Forth From Shadow – artwork

Come On, from the LP I Stepped Forth From Shadow contains the dark slowly pacing music which gradually drifts around the room, that is typical of their out-put.

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The Blue Side Band – I Am – Video

The Blue Side Band is an alt-rock quintet from Greece.

The Blue Side Band - I Am

The Blue Side Band

With the repertoire of instrumentation available to The Blue Side Band they are able to stretch their material across a wide canvass.

I Am finds the quartet in a particularly melancholic mood and the unfussy percussion / double bass combination sets the atmosphere for the track, to which delightfully echoed guitar notes ring out as though surfacing through the mist. The almost unheard acoustic guitar resides with the vocal giving the voice a deeper resonance and richness.

Delivered at lower registers and steady pace I Am is track overflowing with a dark cloak in which the listener can thrill to the menace.

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The Blue Side Band

The Blue Side Band from Athens in Greece is the alt-rock band of Sotiris Nikolaou (Guitar / Piano / Harmonica), Argiris Vassileiou (Guitar), Petros Papavasiliou (Guitar), Tassos Kakogiannis (Bass / Upright Bass) and Antonis Dounias (Drums).

The Blue Side Band - alt-rock from Greece

The Blue Side Band

A richness of sounds soars around the room as The Blue Side Band combine influences of American blues folk with cinematic scores to produce music which drifts around the ears like luxuriant chocolate mousse.

The unhurried compositions are given the space to develop their layers as the quintet create complexities of textures which are enhanced by the range of instruments used, whilst equally, because of the pacing the audience is not led on a confusing journey, rather allowed to rest in comfort with the music weaving its way round the brain.

Originally formed as a solo project, The Blue Side Band has, like the music, evolved slowly to its current incarnation with talk of a debut LP in formation. This is music to take out at any time of the day and sit back to enjoy the presentation of sounds which nestle in the lower registers.

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