The Black Light – Singularity – Single Review

The English prog-rock duo The Black Light released the single Singularity yesterday.

The Black Light

The Black Light

Back in the early reaches of last year we initially exchanged emails, but such is the nature of my singular administrative abilities it has taken until now to get my act in order with the bandcamp available release of Singularity.

A threading towards seven minutes track in which time flies at an inordinate speed as the song seems to be over prior to being able fully get to grips with its interweaving trippy light fantastic movements of the exploration of the range of the fretboard and harmonised synth resulting in an immediate replay to catch the moments which slipped by first time around, accompanied by a cup of warm psilocybin tea to fully enjoy the psychokinetic transformation, from a different and unanticipated corner of the room.

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