Band of the Month – January 2016 – Editors’ Choice

Yes – already we are at the end of the first twelfth of the year and time for the Editors’ choice for band of the month.

The Bijous - Band Of The Month January 2016

The Bijous

A month in which thirty nine bands were on the long-list such has been the joy of material and I thank every musician who puts thought to composition, whether featured or not, you make the world a brighter place.

From the USA – The Bijous.

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The Bijous

The duo of Emma Boltz (Guitar / Vocals) and Reilly Shellito (Drums) from Akron in the USA form the dark-rock band The Bijous.

The Bijous - dark-rock from the USA

The Bijous

The open spaces of kick-bass, floor tom, snare, hi-hat and crash cymbals in combination with a low slung lead guitar and expansive vocal allow The Bijous to believe you are listening to far much more.

The duo are able to create shrouds of mystery as the upper string of the guitar is allowed to bow in deep resonance whilst bass drum drills across the ears, to which an intense vocal that reminds of Poly Styrene rings around the room. There is absolutely no doubt these are a couple of highly talented songwriters who are able to wring far more than is on hand from their stable, putting long standing multi-personnel bands to shame as The Bijous wrest from the audience an emotional tumult.

The conundrum for The Bijous is balancing live performance with studio time and it will be of interest to see how this fulcrum tips longer term as the material produced, to create its impact, needs some careful consideration on their part. There is an intensity of concentration I hope doesn’t implode as the world needs to hear more of the innate talent of The Bijous.

The one EP to surface thus far Bijoux (available on bandcamp) is an essential addition to the playlist.

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