Neon Insect – The Awakening – Audio

Neon Insect is a dystopian-glitch project from Germany.

Neon Insect

Neon Insect

This month the LP Abatron surfaced (available on bandcamp) which is a fifteen track album of dark gothic architecture. The material is a swirling menacing futuristic soundtrack of guitar, violin, percussion and synths of slowly building pressure and rapid decompression.

On taking a listen to the music, those who partake of computer gaming may contemplate the material would serve as the score for an FPS and you would be quite right – currently under development – though early access is available on Steam as the coding concludes and Abatron is also the name of a game to which this does in fact serve as the soundtrack.

The ninth track is The Awakening.


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Skreamer – The Awakening – Audio

The metal outfit Skreamer are putting final touches to a new LP.

Skreamer - The Awakening


As you will know, if you are a regular reader, bands very rarely appear on here more than once every three months, so you may be wondering why it is that Skreamer have managed to find a second slot within a month.

Much like the initial review where I talked about the two sides of band, showcasing two tracks – the harsh scrawling frustrations and the more considered gentle imbibing quaffs of warming Scotch, showcasing the underlying ability – so we find the two sides of the band this month, this being the more considered pace in a release which surfaced on the 24th – The Awakening (which is available on bandcamp). Just don’t expect to be ball-room dancing – it is all relative.

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