The Smoking Trees – It’s Up To You – Audio

The US psychedelic-garage duo The Smoking Trees were introduced earlier in the year.

The Smoking Trees - It's Up To You

The Smoking Trees

Also from the LP The Archer And The Bull – the second of the fourteen tracks – It’s Up To You is a track of less psychotropic dose as it pertains more towards ’60s beatnik than their music previously featured. Even given that – don’t expect to be running round the track straight afterwards, having taken a listen.

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The Smoking Trees – Lifetime Experience – Audio

The US psychedelic-garage project The Smoking Trees releases the LP The Archer And The Bull on the 13th.

The Smoking Trees - The Archer And The Bull - Vinyl

The Smoking Trees – The Archer And The Bull – Vinyl

From the fourteen track album (available on bandcamp) – the ninth – Lifetime Experience.

The tripping whirlpool of guitar and electronics disappear inside each other in an unceasing flow of developing refrains. The composition is imbued with ’60s beat influences giving what would otherwise be a heavy dose of hallucinogenics a lightness in which the listener can lay back in comforting pillows of sound.

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