Wander – Thanks A Lot – Video

The US emo trio Wander have featured a few times this year.

Wander - Thanks A Lot


From their eponymous LP the middle of the eleven tracks – Thanks A Lot surfaced as a live video version a few hours ago.

Thanks A Lot is a track in which Wander explore the perimeters of their out-put as a symphonic introduction drifts slowly into the room before curling its lip into a sneering commentary.

Throughout the piece, which is reflective of their style, the trio balance melody with malcontent affording the music three distinct sections, which for the progression of the track, makes sense. Although four and a smidgen minutes long, an additional minute to the LP version, in my view this adds a couple of chapters to the context of the track as the introduction, which is where the weighty extension lays in this iteration, explains the complete storyline to Thanks A Lot.

Wander – Wander is available on iTunes.*

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