The Sunday Reeds

The Sunday Reeds a blues rock band from Melbourne in Australia is Romana Ashton (Vocals / Bass), Drew Jones (Guitar) and Jeremy Russell (Drums).

The Sunday Reeds - Blues Rock from Australia

The Sunday Reeds

Be prepared to pull out a Takamura Nakiri as the The Sunday Reeds expound valedictory eulogies in a darkened and dank bedsit with music that forms ever tightening loops around the head. There is a definable beauty to gloom and this a band that is able to make the crimson emblazoned slashes of music seem so intoxicating and appealing.

Based around the sloping slack bass and vocal, which gives the compositions their powerful presence, the guitar and percussion provide a context for the resulting outpourings. Without a sub-woofer working hard to caress the ears you will be missing more than you are gaining.

There is a luscious texture to the recordings which are directed towards vinyl recordings as explained in far more detail by Thaddeus Moore in Indie Music Tips # 10 on Mastering. Suffice it to say, the reason that The Sunday Reeds sound so warm is not digital fandangery, rather hollowed out eight track analogue recordings.

The Sunday Reeds is a band to spend much time to get to know and their five track EP Amour Tragique coming out on the 1st of August makes this a date to hard-wire in your diary.


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