Terminal Gods – Interplay – Audio

The English dystopian-rock band Terminal Gods release the LP Meridian on the 25th of August.

Terminal Gods - Interplay

Terminal Gods

The overbearing shadow of Interplay – the penultimate of the eight tracks on the album (available on bandcamp) broods over the listener akin to the control of the Vril-ya in The Coming Race by Bulwer-Lytton.

Regular readers will know I do have a predilection to the dark and oppressive so will be expecting I couldn’t pass this by without a recommendation to dim the lights and turn up the volume, for those new to the site – if this doesn’t rattle your bones – then Emerging Indie Bands is not necessarily where you will discover your daily fare of music to make the day better.

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Terminal Gods – Discovery – Video

The English alt-rock quartet Terminal Gods have featured regularly since their introduction in 2013.

Terminal Gods - Discovery

Terminal Gods

With an ever expanding fan-base and live performance circuit, Terminal Gods have more than served their apprenticeship and are deserving of far greater recognition. The fact they aren’t, sadly, only goes to demonstrate the reality of the lottery-dice of the music industry.

From the LP Wave / Form (available on bandcamp), the sixth of the nine tracks – Discovery is a fine example of why they appear so frequently on Emerging Indie Bands.

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Band of the Month – November 2015 – Editors’ Choice

A short month draws to a close, with a plethora of great bands who I have had the opportunity to hear, so time for the Editors’ Choice for Band Of The Month for November.

Terminal Gods - Band Of The Month - November 2015

Terminal Gods

The penultimate Editors’ Choice for Band Of The Month for 2015 is the English alt-rock outfit – Terminal Gods.

The two track single Road Of The Law is available on bandcamp.

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Terminal Gods – Road Of The Law – Video

It has been over a couple of years since the English alt-rock band Terminal Gods last featured and I have no idea why it has taken me long to get to an update.

Terminal Gods - Road Of The Law - artwork

Terminal Gods – Road Of The Law – artwork

The tightly packed rippling muscle that strides out of the speakers in Road Of The Law makes it only of greater sadness that I haven’t revisited the band more recently. A congress of dark clouds gather in the room as bass is joined by thumping percussion with a scratched guitar adding to the sense of foreboding over which the vocal sets off the menacing tone and the audience is left to enjoy the music that they can feel pulsing into their veins.

Road Of The Law is the A side of a two track single of the same name released last month (available on bandcamp) and with the synthesized brooding of the B side – Movement, well worth grabbing hold of and putting on loop.

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Terminal Gods

Terminal Gods is an alt-rock band from London in England comprising Cowlin, Maisey, Cooper and Campbell.

Terminal Gods - alt-rock from England

Terminal Gods

The dark and sombre rock that Terminal Gods deliver cloaks the room in a dank and oppressive atmosphere which seeps its way into the bone-marrow, infusing the body with an introspective paranoia. There have been iconic and highly influential bands delivering this effect going back over the decades, but to make a comparison would be to detract from what is undoubtedly a talented group of musicians delivering the sounds in the 2010s.

Formed a couple of years ago Terminal Gods have worked hard to secure a live presence, which has seen them successfully playing gigs across vast swathes of Europe. To cement the effort so far they are releasing a debut EP – the six track Machine Beat Messiah on the 25th November, twenty one minutes of well delivered reflective rock.

The quartet combine deep registers with a metronomic percussion which drives the music into the listeners ears, whilst more prosaic guitar work delivers the layers of textures to the sound and completing the effect is a vocal which emerges from the soundscape like an eerie apparition.

The material itself is delivered in densely packed compositions which don’t require volume to reinforce the powerful presence that is Terminal Gods.


The three track single Lessons in Fire – Single – Terminal Gods is available on iTunes*.

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