BUHU – Yew – Audio

On the 5th the US triphop duo BUHU released the LP Tenets.

BUHU - Yew


A roughly thirty four minutes, eight track, album (available on bandcamp) which through a process of osmosis permeates the mind with its dreamy luxuriating texturing as electronica and vocal merge one in to the other. A while in gestation, having first been introduced with the fourth track on the album, La Truth in May of last year, the delay has only heightened anticipation and by some measure BUHU have been able to more than meet those expectations.

Yew is the opening composition.

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BUHU – All Eye – Audio

The US triphop duo BUHU will be releasing the LP Tenets on the 5th of September.

BUHU - photo credit - Max Beiler

BUHU – photo credit – Max Beiler

In advance of the album a series of tracks from the album will be revealed, the most recent of which All Eye, came out on the 16th as a stand alone single.

The slowly evolving song uncurls in to the room in wistful recollection of missed relationships whilst the ambient flow of electronica and self-analytical vocal embrace the listener in a forlorn, yet, tender embrace.

All Eye – Single – BUHU is available on iTunes.*

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