The Circus Villains

The Circus Villains is the british-blues quartet of Luke Taylor (Vocals / Guitar), Matthew Fisher (Vocals / Guitar), Daniel Skilbeck (Bass) and Bob Mackenzie (Drums) originally from Darlington in England, now spread in Manchester and Liverpool.

The Circus Villains

The Circus Villains

Having had the opportunity to listen to the back-catalogue I am able to attest the best way to approach their music is with bass speakers boosted a little, though not to the extent that treble disappears, to fully appreciate the luxurious effect of the four stringer which bulges the speakers with the two guitars weaving magical mysteries, sometimes acting as lead and rhythm other moments both flowing betwixt each other in harmonics in which the mind becomes transfixed as the shape changing percussion conducts the combinations while the duo of voices enable compositions to take completely different dynamics, one moment merseybeat tipped, the next indie-rock flecked.

Their most recent release- the single Tell Me – which has a heavier sound than previous material, can’t do anything other than secure them greater traction and a band I would anticipate will be securing greater visibility in the coming months with their knack of being able to turn classic rock, which has endured for decades, in to a fresh canvass and likely to draw in fans of the sounds of the ’60s and ’70s as much as those of the ’10s.

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Tell Me – Single – The Circus Villains is available on iTunes.*

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CHVRN – Tell Me – Audio

The Russian ambient-wave project CHVRN releases the the LP Drowned on the 4th.



The third of the six tracks Tell Me is a dreamy spire of trap that bounces inside itself with spectral voices drifting hazily through the room as the irregular electro rhythms settle in to the synapses leaving the audience with sense of ears popping.

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Drowned – EP – CHVRN is available on iTunes.*

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New Year Ninety 2017 – 90 to 81

I wish you all the best for 2017.

The annual Readers Choice for the New Year Ninety Band Chart countdown starts now…

Betty Pulls A Fast One - New Year Ninety 2017

Betty Pulls A Fast One

90. Joe Probert (England)

Shake This Fate is available on Amazon.*

89. The Lower Echelon (USA)

Come To The Loud is available on bandcamp.

88. The Amazing Devil (England)

Love Run is available on bandcamp.

87. Blind Beggar (Wales)

86. Betty Pulls A Fast One (England)

85. The Echo Session (Scotland)

Tell Me is available on bandcamp.

84. Sloes (England)

Chasing Tails is available on Amazon.*

83. Amy’s Arms (Canada)

My Dear Violet is available on bandcamp

82. Hitherside (based in Belgium)

81. Javier Martinez (USA)

Honesty is available on bandcamp.

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