Tetra is the angular rock quartet of Kevin Caldwell (Vocals / Bass), Stuart Lynas (Guitar / Synth / Vocals), Jay Buckley (Guitar) and Jordan Halliday (Drums) from Glasgow, Scotland.

Tetra - angular-rock from Scotland


Tetra put out material of progressive mathematical theorem, even by the very name, indicative of three, though with four players in the band. That doesn’t mean to say you will become lost in a battle of wit to understand the music. The snappily delivered dampened strings polarise across the ears giving the material a psychotropic feel.

For those of us who suffer from acephalgic migraine, Tetra is able to aurally translate Scintillating Scotoma, for those who don’t, the buffering colours of distortion shard one against the other in an aural contusion which fascinates as much as it discombobulates.

The structures of the sound are fragile sunlit shards of ice set to shatter on touch. Tetra is able to to play with the icicles and deliver music of intrigue as they kaleidoscope the light across their deftly maneuvered crystals.

Having had the opportunity to listen to material of older stature, which I enjoyed. I do find that their latest angle of delivery Tank (available on bandcamp) finds Tetra in more confident mood as they firmly grab hold of the edifices and throw them around the room with no fear of breakage.

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