ANDIS GRIVA ir WWMM – Galā – Video

Based in Latvia and Lithuania ANDIS GRIVA ir WWMM is a relatively new synthwave quintet.



Last week they released a slew of material, one of which was the track Galā which was released on the 7th.

Combinations of electric and acoustic guitars, blend with bass, drums and dreamy synth, threaded with an ethereal vocal to deliver music which, akin to a shadowy apparition, is both intangible yet distinctly discernible.

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Galā – Single – ANDIS GRIVA IR WWMM is available on iTunes.*

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Twist Helix – Ouseburn – Audio

The England based synthwave trio Twist Helix are planning to release the LP Ouseburn later in the year.

Twist Helix - Ouseburn

Twist Helix

To be more specific Twist Helix are based in Newcastle Upon Tyne and Ouseburn is an album of both sadness and delight.

To pin things down a little more the trio are actually based out of Ouseburn Valley which was at one time an industrial beating heart in North East England but, in common with the deindustrialisation of the manufacturing and extraction industries in the ’80s across the UK, Ouseburn Valley was left to fend for itself in its decline as a powerhouse of industry and over time has reinvented itself as the creative heart and soul of Newcastle Upon Tyne and a hub for musicians and music fans (sharper eyed readers will have noticed frequent images used over the years of performances at The Cluny) – hence an album tinged with both sadness and equally joy at the reincarnation of itself to once again become a vibrant centre.

The first song to surface from the LP and title track, Ouseburn (available as a stand alone single on bandcamp), sets the scene for the whole album reflecting as it does both on the past and the present.

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Filthy Kitsch – Sound The Alarm – Audio

Filthy Kitsch is a Swedish synthwave project.

Filthy Kitsch

Filthy Kitsch

Combinations of analogue keys and psychedelic guitar meander through the room in the début three track single One (available on bandcamp) enticing the listener to close down the brain and settle in to a comatose state to allow the gentle massage of the, roughly eleven minutes, release to keep the synapses and blood flow functioning. My only advice being – trust in the power of music and do allow your mind to drift in to its own becalming stasis and all will be well.

The middle number is Sound The Alarm.

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SLOGAN – Bérénice – Audio

The French synthwave duo SLOGAN most recently featured as The Band Of The Month in April of last year.

SLOGAN - Bérénice


A few hours ago the Lyon (France) based label Metro A revealed the EP VOLUME I – Sessions Polycarpe of new songs by the five bands with whom they work.

The first of the five songs is Bérénice by SLOGAN which is the gateway to an approximately eighteen minutes of sweeping electronica in which to explore a collection of enticing music.

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Mountain Lakes – The Quiet Sun – Single Review

The Poland based synthwave trio Mountain Lakes released the single The Quiet Sun on the 4th.

Mountain Lakes

Mountain Lakes

As regular readers will know I am often late to emails of introduction,  though they always receive a response, sometimes judiciously my timing on those older emails is on the button – this is one of those occasions. Back in September 2015 I received an email of introduction I caught up with on the 3rd – equally noting in my response that although I had enjoyed what I had heard, there had been no music since then – only to receive notification today (as I type) after an almost three year break from the Studio – Mountain Lakes are back with a brand new single and more planned for the year resultingly…

The Quiet Sun peering over the horizon to herald a new dawning for Mountain Lakes.

The combinations of electronica and guitar pulse through the room in gentle undulations in to which the listener finds their body rhythms syncopating while a silken vocal weaves a web around the ears with audience and band merging in to one another to form a conjoined organic being.


The Quiet Sun – Single – Mountain Lakes is available on iTunes.*

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