Bad Wave – 1955 – Single Review

Bad Wave are an indie-synth duo from the USA.

Bad Wave

Bad Wave

Combining drifting melodies with a critical view of the imbalances of society Bad Wave are able to deliver music which is both lyrically perspicacious and aurally engrossing with the listener having the feeling they have unbeknownst partaken in a lustrate experience.

1955, that was revealed earlier in the month, deploys retrospective contemplation inside a late ’10s sentiment to deliver a song which gently drifts around the room as the hushed composition unfolds with the harmonics lingering long after the track has faded away in to silence.

I look forward to hearing more of Bad Wave in short order.

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Casual Strangers – Voltage Control – Audio

After the successful launch of the LP Wedding Album in October the US synth-wave outfit Casual Strangers return with a new track.

Casual Strangers - Voltage Control

Casual Stranger

Having first featured back in 2014, Casual Strangers continue to offer new soundscapes of different dimensions in which the listener can dwell in comfort.

Voltage Control oscillates around the room to a vibrant electro-loop, phased instrumentation and keys are torqued through transformative sequencers taking the audience in to a parallel Universe of tranquil oscillation from which they have no desire to return.

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Lowly – Prepare The Lake – Video

The Danish synth-wave quintet Lowly are set to release the LP Heba on the 10th of February.

Lowly - Heba - artwork

Lowly – Heba – artwork

Within the past four hours the middle of the eleven tracks Prepare The Lake has been revealed, a composition with greater texture and depth than when last featured just over a year ago and a decided development in their progression.

Prepare the Lake – Lowly is available on iTunes.*

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Vansire – Driftless – Audio

The US synth-wave duo Vansire are pinning down detail for an EP due for imminent release.



Becalming the fiercest of rocky days the audience may have had –  Vansire deliver, in Driftless (available as a stand alone single on bandcamp), just over three and two thirds minutes of music which drifts effortlessly around the cerebellum and frontal lobe bringing every thing back to equilibrium as synthetics, instrumentation and vocal harmonise to slow down the activity of the synapses.

Vansire have no need to pulse heavily on the ears, rather akin to a skilled practitioner of massage, are able to ease away tensions with a composition wrapped in warm towelling and relaxing metronome.

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Ely – Old Love – Audio

Ely is a US synth-wave quartet.



With little to hear, the only certainty is a desire to hear more. Combining instrumentation and synthetics Ely deliver music which has a retro new-romanticism inference to it that folds its reach around the listener in softly disposed layers of sound.

The latest track to surface is Old Love.


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