Bear Muda – Looking (Eyes Shut) – Single Review

The English synth-wave quartet Bear Muda revealed their début Looking (Eyes Shut) – single a few days ago.

Bear Muda

Bear Muda

Electro-drum pad and creamy synth are merged with natural percussion, bass, guitar and vocals to deliver a sonic which finds the listener drifting back in time to the early ’80s with the listener pondering what ever happened to that flamboyant, romance-period outfit last seen being packed in to a box to put in the attic; much like Dorian Grey, Bear Muda are able to hold back the years whilst living in the present in Looking (Eyes Shut).

Whilst retrospective of countenance Bear Muda are able to invest the music with a ‘nu’ to the foundations of new-romanticism and thereby providing a fresh set of linen.

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DarkTrain – London Falling – Audio

It has been approaching three years since the English synth-wave duo DarkTrain last featured.

DarkTrain - London Falling


Their latest track to surface London Falling reminds me precisely why I enjoy their compositions as the low-slung music drifts through the room as though borne on gently rolling clouds with the hazy spectral vocal gliding in to the ears from far away.

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LiiN – Andromeda – Audio

The English synth-wave duo LiiN released the two track plus two remix EP Andromeda earlier in the month.



The analogue synthetics gives the music an inherent capacity to softly brush the listener which in the EP, LiiN, deploy both as a stand alone instrumental track and as the cloaking for vocal, each resulting in something quite different.

My selection from the release is the original version of title track Andromeda which invites the listener on to the dancefloor in a number that is reminiscent of ’80s club nights.


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From Apes To Angels – Gift Tag – Audio

On the 24th of July the English synth-wave duo From Apes To Angels will be releasing their début EP New Skin.

From Apes To Angels - New Skin - artwork

From Apes To Angels – New Skin – artwork

A four track release that is best heard under strobed lighting as the duo deliver a soundtrack that has a slightly retro-feel to it in which the listener can immerse themselves and wash away the mundanities of every day life to the layered texturing and dreamy vocal.

The second song Gift Tag is the sprightliest of the four whilst simultaneously the most steeped in the roots of the Blitz Club.

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Glass Vaults – Bleached Blonde – Audio

The New Zealand synth-wave outfit Glass Vaults release the LP The New Happy on the 12th.

Glass Vaults - Photo by @funkypancake

Glass Vaults – Photo by @funkypancake

From the album – Bleached Blonde – is the penultimate of the nine tracks and allows the guitar, which is normally more submerged, to take a pivoting funk presence around which the synths revolve, giving the track a summer-evening vibe.

The New Happy – Glass Vaults is available on iTunes.*

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*Purchases made through the iTunes link will result in Emerging Indie Bands earning a commission.