Dark Continent – Lights Down Low – Video

The Swedish synth-rock outfit Dark Continent will be releasing the LP Songs About Death in August.

Dark Continent

Dark Continent

In advance, the first track to surface from the album, which was released as a stand alone single on the 11th – Lights Down Low – fills the room with the warm glow of warmed valves as the keys and guitars blend in to a comforting marshmallow.

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Tranquil Sea – Home Fires – Audio

Tranquil Sea, the synth-rock quartet from England, will be releasing the EP Eyes On You on the 19th.

Tranquil Sea

Tranquil Sea

Their latest track, Home Fires, is filtered through the lens of a celtic-rock ballad with the music undulating through the room set to the jogging guitar pairing with the listed vocal and holding centre stage. The bass and percussion keeps the pace compressed thereby generating an underpinning energy with the keys which vary between piano and electronica hum enable Tranquil Sea to inject the track with an evolving soundscape in a track which minds of Coast.

A quite different sound to the other song of theirs I have heard, Dancing Through Life, which is a more punchy ’80s garage influenced number – both of which showcase a group of musicians with strong song writing and arrangement skills marking Tranquil Sea as a band I look forward to hearing more of in the coming years.

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The New Zealand synth-rock quintet DEAF will be releasing their début and eponymous EP later in the year.



At present there is only one song around (available on bandcamp) which comes from the forthcoming release – TRUANCY.

There is a brooding darkness of overarching melancholia which drifts through the track which is counterbalanced by brightly lit vocal and glistening fret-board rotating around the two synths that holds a reference of retrospective to early Factory Records releases which enables the quintet to deliver a just over four and a half minutes reveal of haunting beauty and I look forward to hearing more in short order.

Those of sharper hearing may recognise the voice of Luke Kavanagh from the drone outfit Sunken Seas.

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MRYGLD – Cold Shoulder – Video

The US synth-rock quintet MRYGLD were introduced last year.

MRYGLD - Cold Shoulder


2018 has been a slow burn start for them with the first song of the year having only just appeared, though well worth the wait.

Cold Shoulder – with fortune will lead the way to a series of new songs as their music always makes the day seem brighter.

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Τhe After Maths – How To Fix Perfection – Audio

The Greek synth-rock quintet The After Maths are planning to release the LP Hotel Hilbert in the latter half of the year.

The After Maths - How To Fix Perfection

The After Maths

With a change of guitar player since the quintet first featured back in 2014, then named @fter_mathsHotel Hilbert will be their long in gestation début album.

The first track to appear from the LP – How To Fix Perfection, which was released as a standalone single on the 1st and is available on bandcamp, has a gnarly guitar twisting around the room circulating the funky beat of bass and percussion with synth creating a trippy easement to the singular vocal.

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