Hedge Fund – True Romance – Single Review

The Australian synth-rock outfit Hedge Fund released the single True Romance on the 16th.

Hedge Fund - True Romance

Hedge Fund

Having regularly featured since their introduction in 2015, though not for over a year now, True Romance finds Hedge Fund in more introspective mood than music of theirs previously shared.

The gap in new material and the more sadcore reflection are due to the same reasons. A tumultuous year has seen the death of a father and the breakdown of a marriage for the lead singer Will Colvin, resulting in a lyric that contemplates the loss of the most important people in ones life and the associated frustration, sense of failure and feeling of desperate isolation, yet through the dour thoughts the music is of comforting embrace as the instruments pulse through the speakers as the synth floats listlessly, creating a cathartic moment of sadness.

True Romance – Single – Hedge Fund is available on iTunes.*

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FAN – Bob1 – Audio

The US synth-rock project of Meric Long  – FAN  – releases the LP Barton’s Den on the 4th of May.



The ten track album (available on bandcamp) was originally never intended to exist, though as a stack of songs began to surface from what had started out as experimenting with writing songs for synthesiser having inherited a couple of synths from Meric’s deceased father,  making a change from experience as a seasoned musicians in writing songs for guitar.

It wasn’t until a long term contact began to listen to the tracks and prompt Meric to consider putting together something more organised that the idea of FAN emerged and hence the début LP Barton’s Den.

The most recent track to surface and opening song is Bob1.


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Nightmare Air – Who’s Your Lover – Audio

The US synth-rock trio Nightmare Air release the LP Fade Out on the 26th of February.

Nightmare Air - photo by Andie Mills (@buzzbandsla)

Nightmare Air – photo by Andie Mills (@buzzbandsla)

The nine track album (available through Nevado) will be available on various formats, including Vinyl and on listening to the roughly thirty four minutes release I can only advise that this is an LP to own as the 12″ platter to fully enjoy the luxurious melting flow of vocals, electronica, and instrumentation which curls out of the speakers.

The only track I am able to feature, at present, is the opener – Who’s Your Lover – a song which provides fair reflection of the thickly piled carpet of sound which follows in the remaining eight songs.

Who’s Your Lover is a pulsating composition, driven, as it is by persuasive beat and drum-kit with the bass layering a deeper resonance to the pacing while the drifting notes of guitar weave through the electronics as vocal whispers in the ear.

When the album comes out do take a heading to Dark Vice, the penultimate track with its shifting patterns of mood set within a gazey gothic framework.

A band with a significant following already, their North Western European Tour supporting Gary Numan in March, will help to build the audience further.

Mar 2. Stokholm. Kagelbanan

Mar 3. Malmo. Kulturbolaget

Mar 4. Olso. Parkteatret

Mar 5. Copenhagen. Pumpehuset

Mar 7. Utrecht. Tivoli

Mar 8. Antwerp. Trix

Mar 9. Luxembourg

Mar 10. Oberhausen, Germany

Mar 12. Portsmouth. Pyramids Centre

Mar 13. Warwick. Arts Centre

Mar 14. Leicester. O2 Academy

Mar 16. Edinburgh. Assembly Rooms

Mar 17. Middlesbrough. Empire

Mar 19. Preston. Guild Hall

Mar 20. Hull. City Hall

Mar 21. Sheffield. The Foundry

Mar 23. Isle Of Man. Villa Marina

Mar 24. Liverpool. O2 Academy

Mar 25. Northampton. Roadmenders

Mar 28. Belfast. The Limelight

Mar 29. Dublin. Olympia Theatres


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The Tambourine Girls – You Don’t See Me – Audio

It was back in 2014 that the Australian synth-rock quartet The Tambourine Girls last featured.

The Tambourine Girls - You Don't See Me - Audio

The Tambourine Girls

Word arrives that a new LP is due for release in early 2018 with the first track from the album  – You Don’t See Me – having been released as a stand alone single on the 17th.

A pulsing, persistent, metronomic drum-pad lays under interweaving sequences of electronica and guitar that create a hypnotic landscape through which a dreamy vocal becalms the listener and rounding out a song that prefaces of an LP which has, by this track alone, piqued intrigue.

You Don’t See Me – Single – The Tambourine Girls is available on iTunes.*

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The Judith Lights – Blue Movie – Audio

The Judith Lights is a US synth-rock quartet.

The Judith Lights - Photo by Drew Weidenmann

The Judith Lights – Photo by Drew Weidenmann

The luxuriant retrospective soundtrack takes the listener back to the early ’80s as the neon-lit electronica and percussion dances through the room carried on the wings of elongated guitar and moody vocal creating a space in which the audience is invited to sway in introspective thought.

Their most recent reveal being the ten track LP Avenue (available on bandcamp) which came out earlier in the month.

The Judith Lights is a quartet I look forward to hearing more from in short order and by way of an introduction the closing song on the album – Blue Movie. Though this may not be more than a dream as Anwar Montasir has now left New York and is in Oregon.


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