‘Les Paul’s’ (The Paul’s) – A Thousand Eyes – Audio

The England originating Israel / Switzerland based alt-rock duo ‘Les Paul’s’ (The Paul’s) released the LP A Mile Until Dawn on the 18th.

'Les Paul's' (The Paul's) - A Mile Until Dawn - artwork

‘Les Paul’s’ (The Paul’s) – A Mile Until Dawn – artwork

The dozen track just under seventy minute album takes the listener on an aural landscape of intrigue and discovery.

As regular readers know I am a punk rock vocalist from the ’70s and to me a song that lasts more than three minutes seems like an idea I couldn’t sustain, yet, within A Mile Until Dawn lay two tracks heading towards seven minutes long, with eight of them longer than five minutes  – and the duo are able to have me thinking – ‘well they could have run for longer without me gritting my teeth’ as ‘Les Paul’s’ (The Paul’s) invest in each piece many ideas, yet none of them extravagant or extraneous and there is nothing that could have shaved from any of the compositions that would have done other than to detract from their value.

My selection from the album is the third – A Thousand Eyes.


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50in15 – Sinusoïd – Audio

50in15 is the musical project of Fabrizio Cavalca – a Swiss analogue-ambience creator.



Predominately making initial compositions to pianoforte for first scanning, Fabrizio then reconverts those ideas on to analogue synthesizers, predominantly one of various Roland options he has available, adding additional instrumentation as appropriate – leaving the listener in a dreamscape of their own making.

By way of an introduction – Sinusoïd – which is best ingested whilst laying back with plenty of mindspace to play within.


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| mellowtone |

| mellowtone | is an alt-indie quintet from Fribourg in Switzerland, comprising Martina Birbaum (Vocals), Mirco Ackermann (Guitar), Matthias Haymoz (Bass), Ives Schmidt (Keys) and Beat Huber (Drums).

| mellowtone | - alt-indie from Switzerland

| mellowtone |

There is a pressing darkness that sweeps into the room while | mellowtone | deliver their blend of triphop and indie rock in luxurious layers of guitar and keys. The pulsating bass gives the material its weighty cloaking that envelops the listener in palpable melancholia, whilst the percussion spreads its wings from offering shimmering cymbals to crushing compression, whilst the scintillating vocal raises the sound to new heights.

Formed a few years ago – with well supported and regular attendance across their home-country it is only a sadness that their abilities are not more widely recognised as | mellowtone | are able to provide the audience with music that leaves them wanting to hear more. With some fortune there are a couple of LPs available along with a smattering of singles – as this is a quintet best listened to in lengthy sessions.

From their latest LP Broken Rooms – the first of the bakers-dozen of tracks – Long Gone.


Broken Rooms – Mellowtone is available on iTunes.*

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Dream Homeless

Hailing from Martigny is Switzerland is the garage rock trio Dream Homeless, comprising – Jeff (Vocals / Guitar),  Florian (Bass) and Thomas (Drums).

Dream Homeless - garage-rock from Switzerland

Dream Homeless

Dream Homeless fill the room with a controlled rage, which allows them to deliver unexpected filet mignon along with more muscular brisket providing the listener with a combination that grabs hold of the throat whilst gently dusting off the shoulders. Hence the music can cope with being blasted out of fully opened speakers, yet equally able to absorb the attention at more modest decibels.

An ever driving percussion harries along the material, whilst and industrious bass builds the mood, with the guitar able to find the room to add the more melodic twists and turns, to which the vocal whirls between invective and explanation.

Formed a few years ago, it was only this month that Dream Homeless released their début LP Not For The Glory, Just For The Party and I only hope it isn’t another three years before those of us who don’t get to see them live are able to join in with the infectious joy of the trio.


Not for the Glory, Just for the Party – Dream Homeless is available on iTunes.*

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Scutluck from Raron in Switzerland is the jazz ska octet of Pete (Vocals / Guitar), Ives (Vocal / Guitar), Mitch (Vocals / Bass), Mingi (Drums), Scha9 (Trumpet), Cedi (Trumpet), Tam (Saxophone) and Steffi (Trombone).

Scutluck - jazz ska from Switzerland


There is a natural timbre to the sound which raises a smile and taps the feet as Scutluck take over the room. Regular readers will have noticed regular forays into Switzerland and the rich seam of reggae derivatives that lie therein, it isn’t all skiing, banking and pharmaceuticals. The octet throw out some interesting variations to a theme which capture the attention.

Spanning decades going back to Flappers from the ’20s right up to 90 years later Scutluck are wreathed in smiles and partying. With the extensive range of wind instruments to call upon they are able to deliver variations on a theme that skip around the room in a flurry of joy, the electric guitars and bass add a depth of quality to the material which is tempting to define as Charleston Reggae.

If you are still supine after listening to one of their tracks, I would be amazed and I look forward to hearing much more of Scutluck in the coming months.


The Sideshow – Scutluck is available on iTunes*.

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