Swine Tax – Feels Like – Audio

Tomorrow the English alt-rock trio Swine Tax release the single Feels Like.

Swine Tax - Feels Like

Swine Tax

A sense of melancholia sweeps through the room as the emo tinged Feels Like (available on bandcamp) weaves its way in to earshot.

As the brain contents itself that it has settled to the pacing and movement – Swine Tax change key and tempo giving the song a mathematical-rock angularity, even thereafter tempo changes catch out the unwary and it is the combination of restful passages and spiky points which gives Feels Like its intrigue.

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Swine Tax – Empty Life – Audio

The English melancholic-rock trio Swine Tax release the single Empty Life tomorrow.

Swine Tax

Swine Tax

A winding guitar gives the track (available on bandcamp) a soft velvety texturing through which an urgent bass and percussion bustle with a wistful voice topping off the just under four and third minutes of the song that builds in intensity through its duration.

Having spent the past year and a half establishing a regular local live performance circuit their recorded releases will, if justice is served, secure them a wider reach.

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