Martin Rubashov – Muddy Mountain King – Audio

The Swedish alt-rock creator Martin Rubashov released the single Muddy Mountain King on the 22nd.

Martin Rubashov - Photo credit - Niklas Brodd

Martin Rubashov – Photo credit – Niklas Brodd

Deeply rooted in ’80s rock Martin Rubashov creates music of brooding countenance that has an intricacy of layering which wraps the listener in a protective cloak in which they can take respite while chill winds blow through the room.

In Muddy Mountain King –  Martin Rubashov – delivers a track that revolves around persistent percussion from which the guitar and vocal evolve in harmonic spirals in which the audience becomes mesmerised.

Muddy Mountain King – Single – Martin Rubashov is available on iTunes.*

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Davidson – Whatever Lies Before You – Single Review

The Swedish heavy-metal solo project Davidson fairly regularly surfaces with new material.



The latest song to be revealed is Whatever Lies Before You. A thumper of a composition that hurtles out of the speaker festooned in pin-badges and fraying denim that finds the listener joining in with the extended bridge.

There is a delightful dampening that gives Whatever Lies Before You a softlight focus and earthy feel. The more it runs through the just under four and three quarter minutes play time the longer the audience wants it to last – whilst completely forgetting this is a band of one – not a full line-up of four.

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Luna Green – Lotus Interception – Single Review

It has been the best part of three years since the Swedish empyreal-dream creator Luna Green last surfaced with new studio music.

Luna Green

Luna Green

One is minded of watching the aurora-borealis as the absorbing soundscape slowly plays its display through the ears, as the newest single Lotus Interception drifts in to aural range.

There exists a constant of focus in the pulsing bass whilst fracturing flashes of colour switch through the room and as the mind focuses on one trajectory, so another sparks in another direction. It isn’t until the ears are able to refocus on the broader context of pivoting sounds and take in the full range that the full mythological beauty of the spectrum comes in to its full munificence.

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Lotus Interception – Luna Green is available on iTunes*

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*Purchases made through the iTunes link will result in Emerging Indie Bands earning a commission.

VILDE – High Horse – Audio

The Swedish ambient-synth project VILDE released a new track on the 15th.

VILDE - High Horse


The just over three minutes of High Horse, fills the room with hazy electronica that settles, like layers of drifting smoke, around the ears inviting the listener to lay aside the woes of the day and relax in the ambient textures.

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the B.U.C. – Don’t Speak Listen – Audio

the B.U.C. is an industrial-electro-rock project from Sweden.

the B.U.C.

the B.U.C.

the B.U.C. released the eponymous LP on the 8th (available on bandcamp).

From the ten track album my selection, the seventh, is the dystopian industrialisation of Don’t Speak Listen which skitters through the room in spasmodic tensions of grinding rusting steel lathe discard.

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