Alice Boman – Dreams – Audio

Alice Boman is a Swedish sadcore creator.

Alice Boman - photo credit - Aëla Labbé Photographies

Alice Boman – photo credit – Aëla Labbé Photographies

The latest release, which came out earlier in the month, Dreams (available on bandcamp) is an absorbing flow of spectral vocal surrounded by ethereal instrumentation in which the listener is entranced by its haunting presence and although lasting less than three and a quarter minutes affects thought for some time after fading in to silence.

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Norbert Lukács – Garden – Audio

The Swedish downtempo creator Norbert Lukács released the EP Airplane / Sunset / Rivers on the 21st.

Norbert Lukács

Norbert Lukács

Music seems, quite often, to surface in continuity of theme as those who follow the site will notice – today and yesterday perhaps being marked by quiet passages of composition and Norbert Lukács continues the thread in the penultimate of the four songs on the EP with Garden.

In collaboration with Nina KinertGarden – has a hypnotic melancholia that meanders through the room in gentle footstep which finds the listeners’ pulse slowing to match the tempo.

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Airplane / Sunset / Rivers – EP – Norbert Lukacs is available on iTunes.*

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david shouji – Myogi Nights – Audio

The Swedish ambient-wave project david shouji released the EP Duskpoint on the 22nd.

david shouji

david shouji

Combinations of chipped hip-hop loops and Far Eastern chord structures enables david shouji to deliver an intriguing soundtrack, in Duskpoint (available on bandcamp), that melts in to the ears leaving the listener resting in the calming atmosphere.

The second track is Myogi Nights.

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San Jua – In The Teeth Of – Audio

The Sweden / England based dreamwave duo San Jua were introduced earlier in the year.

San Jua - In The Teeth Of

San Jua – In The Teeth Of

With a more dynamic range than their music previously featured. The latest track, which surfaced yesterday, In The Teeth Of retains a luscious dreamy web of synthesis whilst there is a tauter instrumentation and fired percussion giving the song a deeper imprint through which the spectral vocal shimmers and subtle key-change affords the composition an every changing texturing.

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SJÖBLOM – The Fool – Audio

The dark-acoustics creator from Sweden – SJÖBLOM released the two track single Enemies today.

SJÖBLOM - Photo by Eli Eli

SJÖBLOM – Photo by Eli Eli

The B-side of the release (available on bandcamp) – The Fool – is one in which a plaintiff vocal elicits a teary-eyed response by the listener enhanced further by the stark guitar which accompanies the voice.

Those of longer stay with the site may well recall The Exploding Boy from back in 2013 with its menacing countenance – Johan Sjöblom – is the common thread.

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