The Garrys – Makeout At The Drive-In – Single Review

The Canadian surf-rock trio The Garrys release the single Makeout At The Drive-In on the 13th of May.

The Garrys - photo by Sask Music

The Garrys – photo by Sask Music

A shaft of sunlit-vibe stretches through the room with the entrancing vocal melodies and minor chord shimmering reverb wraps around the listener soothing away the aches and pains of the daily grind.

Makeout At The Drive-In will be coming out on the Canadian label Grey RecordsThe Garrys are keeping themselves busy at present having, on the 20th, revealed the track  Swamp Stomp for the Grey Records twenty two track compilation LP Grey Matter Compilation (available on bandcamp) and will be in England for two shows at the Great Escape Festival in Brighton on the 17th of May and on the 18th will be in Cardiff, Wales, at the The Moon.

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VACATIONS – Anything Could Happen – Audio

VACATIONS is an Australian surf-rock quartet.



Their music has a retrospective hazy refrain to it which seeps through the speakers in a shimmering wave of nostalgia, though far from looking backwards in time VACATIONS write songs of the here and now and their own experiences of life.

Their most recent LP, available on bandcamp, Changes – is a ten track collection of dreamy recollection that holds the listener in warm folds of soft texture.

The opening track is Anything Could Happen.

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Big White – Right Before Everything Dies – Audio

The Australian surf-rock quintet Big White are set to release the LP Street Talk on the 30th.

Big White - Street Talk - artwork

Big White – Street Talk – artwork

Right Before Everything Dies, from the forthcoming album, also available as a stand alone single on bandcamp, has a retro garage-surf feel that fills the room with a warm hazy shimmer as the laid-back sun-drenched fuzzy guitar drifts through the speakers bathing the listener in a palpable summer glow.


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Bleach Party

Bleach Party from Chicago in the USA is the garage rock quartet of Meghan MacDuff (Vocals / Guitar),  Bart Pappas (Guitar), Richard Giraldi (Bass) and Kaylee Preston (Drums).

Bleach Party - photo by 9 Muses Photo

Bleach Party – photo by 9 Muses Photo

It is perhaps apposite that Bleach Party from The Windy City fuse garage and surf rock into a tsunami of sound that envelops the room in swirling guitars that snuffle around the room exploring the darker crevasses. There is a relentless wave of sound that sweeps up all before it in a maelstrom of fuzz in which the listener becomes a tangible element.

I rarely recommend turning down the bass, as you know, in this instance pare it back and you will be in a space full of sounds you just want to play over and over again with various adjustments. There are few bands on the circuit able to deliver music which works equally well with full treble as full bass and no matter where you set the equalisers you will find Bleach Party fill the ears with joy – all you need to do is turn up the volume and let the quartet take care of the rest.

It was a fan of the band who made contact – and my thanks to Selina for doing that – I look forward to hearing more. If you would like to see a band featured just drop a note to tim @

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The John Steel Singers

The John Steel Singers from Brisbane in Australia is the surf psychedelia quintet of Trimmington Morrissey (Vocals), Scott Bromiley (Vocals /  Keyboards), Ross Chandler (Drums), Pete Bernoth (Keys / Trombone) and Luke McDonald (Vocals / Guitar).

The John Steel Singers - surf psychedelia from Australia

The John Steel Singers

The John Steel Singers provide a mesmerising journey through garage rock laden psychedelia as the multitude of vocals and instruments combine like soft waves foaming on the beach. The quintet are inveterate live performers with appearances across much of Europe in addition to their home country, with recordings appearing sparingly.

The falsetto voices are a trademark of The John Steel Singers and this enhances the music with its mushroom tea effect as the vocals slide between players in hushed tones, add to this the fuzzy instrumentation and the listener can’t do much other than sit entranced and nod in unison. The tracks are played to extended notes, which gives the music the surfy sounds of lo-fi garage rock.

The John Steel Singers is certainly well worth venturing out to see if their journey takes them near you, failing that a copy of the forthcoming eighteen track LP Everything’s a Thread (which is available on iTunes*).

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