The World Next Door – Sure, Trust the Zombie With Inflatable Sandals – Audio

The Canadian conceptual-ambience project The World Next Door releases the LP Long Con Turtle Stack tomorrow.

The World Next Door

The World Next Door

To suggest that the music on the album (available on bandcamp) could be described as having thrown the kitchen sink at it instrument wise would not be too much of an exaggeration as forks, cups, bottles, poster tubes and balloons to name a few appear in pieces on occasion, with a commonality of an acoustic-guitar and ableton electronica threading through the fifty minutes on the fourteen tracks.

Originally created as standalone improvised sessions with each having nothing more than a slot in a ‘recorded this’ folder, after a few months Scott Gray noticed there was a loose connection between the tracks and decided to put them in to a semblance of order, finally giving the sounds names and the end result is Long Con Turtle Stack, a release which has a discernible, though understated rhythm, that holds the concepts together rather than being purely experimental stray hairs which perhaps is not unsurprising as Scott has, for over two decades, been a drummer in various bands.

While it is possible, due to the nature of the writing, to pick this album up at any stage in the proceedings and then come back another day for a different random selection, I do suggest that spending the best part of an hour laying down in a quiet room to listen to the release in full will be time well worth spending and rather than regretting the break in your schedule you may well find yourself immediately looping back to hear the LP in an alternative order.

The penultimate track is Sure, Trust the Zombie With Inflatable Sandals.

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