New Year Ninety 2014 – 60 to 51

Without the musicians the New Year Ninety wouldn’t be possible, please do keep on creating and setting your thoughts to music, it is much appreciated.

New Year Ninety 2014 60 - 51

New Year Ninety 2014 60 – 51

60. Lolita (Croatia)

59. Sunshine (USA)

Down and Up Blues – Sunshine is available on iTunes*.

58. Mincer Ray (Germany)

57. Unwed Mothers (Canada)

Unwed Mothers is available on iTunes*.

56. Shannon Wardrop (England)

Medicine – Shannon Wardrop is available on iTunes*.

55. October (Canada)

54. Battle For Paris (England)

Superstar – Battle for Paris is available on iTunes*.

53. Magic Trick (USA)

River of Souls – Magic Trick is available on iTunes*.

52. C-Types (Germany)

Do the Bird – C-Types is available on iTunes*.

51. Flight Brigade (England)

Graduation Day – Flight Brigade is available on iTunes*.

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Sunshine from New York in the USA is the blues rock duo of Amy Santos (Bass / Vocals) and Steven Ferrara (Guitar / Lap Steel / Harmonica / Vocals) plus The Sunshine Nights – Rev. Crawford Forbes (Keys / Trumpet), Mike Lambert (Slide guitar / Banjo) and Pitti (Drums), plus guest artists.

Sunshine - roots blues from the USA


The more established readers will spot a couple of names from a review in August 2012 with Maybe The Welders and are still perhaps wondering how the tour in Brazil (from an October 2012 interview) turned out, I hope to be able to follow this up at some point, but time and tide….

Sunshine on the other hand are a different kettle of fish with their rootsy blues, what a wonderful place in which to wallow. From experience I know exactly how difficult it is to work with 12 bar blues and what joy it is when you get it right, though to be fair my knowledge as a ’70s punk vocalist and complexity are not natural bedfellows. Sunshine play across the spectrum of blues rock to deliver a sound that resides like a clay mould of the head.

The appositely named ten track debut LP Down And Up Blues finds the outfit exploring the nether regions of the genre and as I type I just wish I were sitting in a porch somewhere in the Southern States of The USA as the music evokes all that is fine about music excavating the origins, whilst bringing to the audience a sense of the here and now not just a retrospective.


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