No Wave – I Can’t Afford You – Audio

The US sultry-wave duo No Wave released the three track single Fade Away on the 28th of August.

No Wave

No Wave

This is music to play in embrace with a partner on the dance-floor in slow footstep whilst exchanging warm breaths as the combining spirals of percussive synths, guitars and evocative vocals teases the earlobes as the foreplay to a long session of unhurried entangled limbs and loins resulting in ecstatic mutual pleasure.

The middle song is (not that you will necessarily be minded of which of the three it is if your partner and you are already in the moment) the beguilingly self-doubting I Can’t Afford You.

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Robyn Cage – Slow the Devil – Video

The US sultry-wave creator Robyn Cage is due to release the LP Slow The Devil later in the year.

Robyn Cage - Photo credit - @carlaboecklin

Robyn Cage – Photo credit – @carlaboecklin

The haunting title track steals its way in to the bone marrow and the listeners find themselves engrossed in the composition, loosing all sense of the outside world as the magnetic vocal, surrounded by hypnotic electronica, floats through the room asking for people to have more consideration of others rather than snapping to instant volatile reaction.


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The Desert – Just Get High – Single Review

The English sultry-wave duo The Desert released their début single Just Get High on the 28th.

The Desert

The Desert

The unity of dreamy electronics, filtered guitar and tender vocal finds Just Get High injecting in to the blood stream and the listener can feel the warmth flow in to their brains taking over the synapses and the mind drifts in to quiet repose.

Although newly formed, the effortless ease by which the song evolves through its phrases attests, both, Gina Leonard and Tom Fryer are experienced songwriters and performers and it is with some delight that Just Get High serves merely as the hors d’œuvre to the EP – Playing Dead – which is due out imminently.

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Just Get High is available on Amazon.*

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