The Dirty Blonde – Either Way – Audio

The Scottish alt-rock band The Dirty Blonde released the LP SugarMilk on the 6th.

The Dirty Blonde

The Dirty Blonde

The seventh of the eleven tracks on the album – Either Way is a piece which finds the quartet in a quieter moment and gives them an opportunity to showcase their technical abilities in a track demanding much of them, which they deliver successfully.

Introducing Either Way behind a skeletal guitar The Dirty Blonde are able to provide the audience with a building framework which as it progresses through the just under four minutes builds layer upon layer until the bare-bones are replete with living and breathing tissue and it is a testament to players they felt confident enough to demand the audience stay with them to discover the fulsome evolving storyline.

SugarMilk itself is a forty minute release (available on bandcamp) to add to the ‘hazy days’ playlist.

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