Suddenly Human – Marry And The Moths – Video

Suddenly Human is an alt-rock quartet from Germany.

Suddenly Human - Photo credit - Denise Junghans

Suddenly Human – Photo credit – Denise Junghans

Deploying fragile keys and evocative synthesised bowed strings along with drums and guitar Suddenly Human are able to invest their music with misted depth of emotional context which raise the quartet far above the fray in a crowded market place. The brooding presence of layers don’t exist to support their own weight, rather to create the template from which the impressionistic lyrics are given flight by an equally emotive vocal, all of which spreads around the room like a cloak of developing sadness which lays threads of silk around the listener.

By way of an introduction – the third of the dozen tracks on the LP – Elements on Changing WaysMarry And The Moths. I am still undecided whether this is a typo of Mary, the Merry go round of life or, the thoughts of the lady which the song portrays who ponders the mothballs of a life slipped past and loves unrequited with marriages forgone and only memories in faded boxes remaining, I will leave you to contemplate the query. For that mystery itself –  this is something to add to the collection.


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