Strangefruit – Jenny Maxwell (vocals / violin), Jamie Perrett (guitar / vocals), Peter Perrett (bass) and Dave Shaw (drums) – is an alt rock band from London in England.

Strangefruit - alt rock from England


Instantly, on hitting play, the observer is lifted on a blanket of sounds and from being part of the audience, becomes part of the experience. A melting-pot of melliferous mellifluent mellow music wraps the listener in a gauze from which there is no desire to escape as Strangefruit take over the thought processes.

There is much to highlight in the experience of spending time with the quartet, of most significance is the consummate ease with which they mix together global influences and styles to generate an atmosphere in to which there is a natural grace to the output. Without wishing to play-down other parts of the band, the crowning glory is with no doubt the mesmeric vocal, which works due to the abilities of the songwriters to wrest the best out of the vocal / instrumental combinations to provide for material of the highest order.

A recent release – the debut EP – Between The Earth and Sea should see the outfit gaining higher visibility, though I have a feeling more will be made of the who they sound like and where the music would fit rather than acknowledging Strangefruit is a superb band in their own right.


Between the Earth and Sea – EP – Strangefruit is available on iTunes*

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