Stop Press! – Shine So Bright – Video

The English indie-ska quintet Stop Press! last featured a couple of years ago.

Stop Press! - Shine So Bright

Stop Press!

Normally when coming back to bands after a break I comment on how things have moved forward – with Stop Press! – I make no such comment – not as a criticism – merely because they had it perfectly right back in 2014 and in 2016 Shine So Bright seamlessly threads into the music of 2014 with their sound – (with the video even opening and closing in the same paddock) and makes this a quintet with whom it is such a delight to skip around the room.

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Stop Press!

Stop Press! is Emma Hodgson (Vocals), Tom Salussolia (Guitar / Vocals), Aaron Tebano (Bass), Joe Riley (Guitar) and Ian Flynn (Drums) a ska outfit from London in England.

Stop Press! - Ska from England

Stop Press!

Stop Press! make for an interesting variation on the genre, with the spiky cut, off beat, cliff-edges having a feel of being ironed to a more gentle slope, a Northern Soul / Reggae combination, which captures the attention of the audience. There is an infectious warmth which permeates the music leaving the listener in a glow of feel-good after spending time with the quintet.

Keeping themselves active in the live scene they can often be found playing in and around London, alongside which, sporadically, recorded material is made available for more distant listeners.

Whilst I appreciate that EPs and LPs are out of vogue with many bands and buyers of recorded music, the music of Stop Press! seeps into the soul far more effectively on extended play and I hope they make more recordings and longer length releases as this is a sound that has a broad international appeal.

I look forward to hearing more of Stop Press!.


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