In Melbourne in Australia you will find Phoebe Pinnock (Vocals), Steve Watts (Guitar),  Mat Silcock (Guitar),  Trav Price (Bass) and one of Aramis SV, Tommy Rossell or Matt “Skitz” Sanders (Drums) making up the band HEAVEN THE AXE.

HEAVEN THE AXE - heavy metal from Australia


I was idling around looking at my personal Facebook news thread and spotted a video posted by a broadcaster in Australia of a band full of capital letters and despite my initial aversion to the capitalisation, I took a listen and here we are with a heavy metal band who livened up the afternoon, living up to that shouted name, HEAVEN THE AXE.

Crunching out of the speakers come flying nuts and bolts which have been through the grinder and the band spray the walls with pit marks. Control is what many metal bands lack, HEAVEN THE AXE however have learnt how to hold the ballistics in a well directed gunfire and the music just demands finding ever increasing levels of volume. The exquisite interplay of, Australian and the genre in general, misogyny is superbly played as a ruff, as Phoebe plays with the concept of her sexuality and her vituperative vocal to throw the backwardsmen a double uppercut.

I had a very brief telephone chat with Franky who handles the questions just to check on the drummer, to find there really isn’t a permanent drummer for the band so it is all on rotation. I do hope they can sort this out – the sooner the better – as a metal band without a permanent drummer is a bit like a call centre – hot desking.

As a statement concept how could I not like HEAVEN THE AXE. As superbly honed musicians I can’t do anything other than recommend spending some time with them.


Good Things Come to Those Who Hate – Single – Heaven the Axe is available on iTunes*

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