The Amplifires

The Amplifires from Matlock in England is the rock quartet of Sharon Clancy (Vocals), Steve Rawlinson (Guitar), David Brunt (Bass) and Sandy Mitchell (Drums).

The Amplifires - rock from England

The Amplifires

Effortlessly floating between barren landscapes to urban confines The Amplifires deliver sounds which captivate the listener, enveloping them in the moods of the moment.

A percussion lays down the path of travel, tightly framing the tracks as the bass colours the framework with a surprisingly evocative timbre. The guitar builds the architecture with a filigree of finely played moves around the fret-board, this formulation allows the vocal tremendous room for manoeuvre and doesn’t disappoint, adding well balanced emotive context to round out the sound.

Having been around a few years, time has seen the band develop both confidence and greater awareness of their ability to stride their own path. Whilst equally at ease with well tempered emotional ballads as with more forceful driving rock it is when The Amplifires scruff it all up a bit, as they take on a smokers rasp, the quartet are able to deliver at their best.

The combinations of  Southern US Blues influences with British heavy rock and a smattering of ’80s New Wave gives The Amplifires a welcome earthiness that adds considerably to the ’10s.

A new LP which comes out on the 22nd, Life’s A Gamble through Coffee Jingle Records, is most certainly one to add to the collection.

Life’s a Gamble – The Amplifires is available on iTunes.*


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