Froskull from Nashville in the USA is the progressive rock quartet of Stephen Rockford Hammond, Jay Schond, Brett Hammond and Adam Dennis.

Froskull - Progressive rock from The USA


The music gently curls up to the ceiling before dropping like falling blossom around the ears. Froskull take influences from across both Western rock and sitar based Indian folk to provide a feast for the audience. Don’t be in any hurry, as neither are they, these are sounds that need time to flourish and the quartet have the justifiable confidence in their abilities to allow the material the space they need. It would be easy to over-step the mark and become self-indulgent, which the band avoids, as although the music wanders in flights of fancy, there is a misty path which keeps the brain immersed in the out-put.

Songs range from the futuristic to the historical and they manage to keep the audience engaged throughout the journey. Froskull use vocal sparingly and only to form part of the instrumentation, rather than being a focus for attention, creating a slightly mystical quality. Best absorbed in an extended session, as, listening to tracks in isolation does not give as much context and taking time out to settle back is the best way to appreciate the band and what that marks them out for attention.

Their eponymous twelve track LP which came out earlier this month is a good starting point to get to know Froskull.


Froskull – Froskull is available on iTunes*.

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