Stella Diana – Der Sandmann – Audio

The Italian darkgaze trio Stella Diana release the LP 57 on the 25th.

Stella Diana - Der Sandmann

Stella Diana

A couple of songs have arisen from the album (which is available on bandcamp) the antepenultimate of the eleven being the bowed strings infused Der Sandmann which casts their signature brooding shadow through the speakers and attests to a release which will be worth grabbing hold of later in the month.

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Stella Diana – Sulphur – Video

The Italian shoegaze quartet Stella Diana are set to release the LP Nitocris on the 1st of April.

Stella Diana - Nitocris - artwork

Stella Diana – Nitocris – artwork

Like watching an albatross gliding, the first track to surface from the album – Sulphur, floats around the room effortlessly on the updraughts of warm thermals, whilst the listener settles back in contemplative consideration.

Stella Diana are deservedly gaining a global audience for their spacious architecture and hazy mistiness and I look forward to Nitocris being made available.

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Stella Diana – Shohet – Video

The Italian shoegaze quartet Stella Diana are set to release the EP Alhena on the 27th.

Stella Diana - Alhena - artwork

Stella Diana – Alhena – artwork

The first of the five tracks – Shohet drifts out of the speakers in a hazy roll of fuzzy delay and impatient percussion, that minds of someone being taken for a walk by their dog, as they seek to amble so the dog pulls on the leash, leading the way, as it wishes to run and the combination of this unhurried guitar and frustrated drum allows Stella Diana to deliver a track that contains two distinct ideas which they mix into a generous palatte of sound that keeps the listener ever attentive.

The gauzed vocal adds to the atmosphere of other worldliness and mystery as it too sits out of kilter with the foiling musical accompaniment. You may be forgiven for thinking with all this out of synch that Shohet will emerge as a misfit of sounds, but far from it, the experienced musicians who make up Stella Diana are able to harness it all together and whilst the ears are aware there is much happening, the medulla oblongata settles the body into a comforting space in which to settle back and drift into a trance.


Alhena is available on bandcamp.

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