Steffan Rundquist – War – Video

The Spain based Sweden originating protest-rock creator Steffan Rundquist has surfaced with a new track.

Steffan Rundquist - War

Steffan Rundquist – War

As always it is a pleasure to return to Steffan Rundquist who has regularly featured for approaching three years now. However – this is War.

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Steffan Rundquist – Love Me Or Leave Me – Video

It somehow seems apposite to write the penultimate band feature of 2015 with the Spain based itinerant agit-folk Musician Steffan Rundquist.

Steffan Rundquist - Love Me Or Leave Me

Steffan Rundquist

As with the website Steffan pops up in country after country with musical ideas, as those who have been readers of longer duration will have followed, since his introduction in 2013.

Now based in Bilbao in Spain you will find Steffan doing what he enjoys, delivering music, either busking or playing in venues and always creating.

The latest track – Love Me Or Leave Me.

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Steffan Rundquist – So Cold – Audio

The alt-rock creator Stefan Rundquist, originally from Sweden, was based in The Netherlands when introduced in 2013, subsequently moved to Germany and is now in Spain.

Steffan Rundquist - So Cold

Steffan Rundquist

Released at the end of last month, was his most recent EP Spiritual World. The first of the five tracks is So Cold.

Spiritual World – EP – Steffan Rundquist is available on iTunes.*

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Steffan Rundquist – Aggressive Pacifist – EP Review

The Swedish born Netherlands residing musician Steffan Rundquist has a new five track EP – Aggressive Pacifist – set for release on the 1st September.

Steffan Rundquist - Aggressive Pacifist - artwork

Steffan Rundquist – Aggressive Pacifist – artwork


Opening with Bye Bye Babylon Good Bye is one of the first songs I came across by Steffan and it remains as much of a joy to hear once again, with its visceral lyric rebounding on Western Christian Society values.

Next is Libertad Freedom which had me reaching for the texts on José Doroteo Arango Arámbula with the very clear South American references and call to arms for political prisoners around the world. My pick of the Aggressive Pacifist.

Half-way through the just under nineteen minutes release is Empathy. A piece that finds Steffan in a hauntingly driven number, which is, an introspective work of his own relationships with a supportive group of friends over the years.

Opening the second half of Aggressive Pacifist is Chirimoya which is another personal number of spiritual discovery and makes for a lighter tune than has come before, with an upbeat sound.

Concluding the EP is Timebomb that consternates on current frictions and mores, which is a fine exposition of his thinking.

Steffan Rundquist never attempts to complicate the issues he sees at hand, in his compositions which are bereft of twirl, the music appearing as a timbre backdrop to the poetry and Aggressive Pacifist is a fine example of his work.

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