False Heads – Thick Skin – Video

False Heads is an English indie-rock trio.

False Heads - Thick Skin - artwork

False Heads – Thick Skin – artwork

Introduced originally in 2013, False Heads have recently started to release singles on a more regular basis and the two track single Thick Skin follows on from the single Steal And Cheat which came out in December of last year.

The title track and first of the two on the latest single is a compressed coil of pent up energy that unleashes itself around the room.

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False Heads – Steal And Cheat – Single Review

When introduced in 2013 the English indie-rock band False Heads were a quartet, as a slimmed down trio, the music has developed more punch.

False Heads - Steal And Cheat - artwork

False Heads – Steal And Cheat – artwork

The latest single, Steal And Cheat, being released on the 11th is a track that explodes into the room with a flourish before settling into natural flow of rhythm that the listener immediately wants to join in with as False Heads demonstrate their ability to create high impact music that can also hold melody.

The trio are very able creators who are able to combine technical prowess with natural connectivity enabling False Heads to deliver music that instantly resonates with the audience. Steal And Cheat highlights a band who, with justice, will find themselves riding high in the music business for many years to come and I look forward to featuring more of their future releases.

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