Charlotte Roberts – Dr. Lalalulu – Audio

The Australian firedance-folk creator Charlotte Roberts is due to release the LP Stay in Your Power in May.

Charlotte Roberts

Charlotte Roberts

Released in advance of the album of the 15th, as a standalone single (available on bandcamp), the conundrums of the hypnotic Dr. Lalalulu.

A just over three and two thirds minutes song of conflicting ideas, which, rather than crashing like a mid-air collision merges a spellbinding primal rhythm, with its scintillating percussive puddling, that is laid to an acerbic commentary of the narcissism in to which much of human existence has regressed in the 21st Century.

Rather than being bitter of the silos in to which many have reversed, Dr. Lalalulu, offers an extending arm towards a world of inclusion and away from the siege barricaded mentality of self-adulation and hollow applause for the gaudy baubles possessed.

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