Statement – I Wonder Why – Video

Jannick Brochdorf (Vocal), Niels Alex Larsen (Lead Guitar / Vocal), Lars Ulrik Le Fevre (Guitar / Vocal), Martin Poulsen (Bass) and Daniel Nielsen (Drums) from Copenhagen (Denmark) who form the rock band Statement are finalising details for a forthcoming LP.



The track I Wonder Why, from the forthcoming album, was also made available as a standalone single on the 19th.

The opening phrases set the listener on to a heavy-metal mindset as guitar sets up the anticipated thunderous roar, only for Statement to take the listener on a completely different direction of travel by revealing a tempered rock ballad in to which the audience quickly settles as the quintet deliver a song with both passages of tenderness as well as furious pace all within the framework of their signature sound of multilayered texturing.


I Wonder Why – Single – Statement is available on iTunes.*

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Dom Sith – Statement – Audio

Dom Sith is the English minimalist-electronica solo project for Dom Smith, to express some thoughts in musical context.

Dom Sith

Dom Sith

Operating under a number of monikers, Dom Smith also promotes other musicians, regularly writes and contributes to music media and has another musical identity, along with promoting and supporting opportunities for those with disabilities, when he isn’t focused on music.

Necessarily sometimes there is a need to express the darker moods and in Dom Sith, has that vehicle. The latest track to surface being – Statement.

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