Sreym Hctim – Lint Roller – Audio

The US glitch-wave project Sreym Hctim was introduced earlier in the year.

Sreym Hctim - Lint Roller

Sreym Hctim

The newest track to surface, which is from the planned LP and released as a standalone single (available on bandcamp) on the 11th, Lint Roller is of not dissimilar vernacular though with clarinet, played by Elana Riordan,  sprouting through the mix able to take the listener on a diametrically opposed journey to music previously featured.

There is something of a Japanese folk tradition to the tempo and weave of the composition through which Sryem Hctim spears sharpened lances, affording Lint Roller a discombobulating discordance that rattles the vestibular system, rather than being left with a sickening dizzying the listener finds the imbalances an unanticipated comfort.

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Sreym Hctim – Fairweather Friendship Bracelet – Audio

The US glitch-wave project Sreym Hctim is working on the release of a new LP.

Sreym Hctim - Photo credit Kevin James Neal

Sreym Hctim – Photo credit Kevin James Neal

Fairweather Friendship Bracelet combines changes in rhythm and variations of pacing  in the various layers to deliver a song that has a moody darkness to it as the blurred vocal pairs with a plethora of instrumentation including toy-piano, kalimba, bass guitar and much more, all of which, creates a sound of organic pulsing movement that warps itself around the audience in morose textured shapes of sound.

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