LOV3 MOT3L – Tizzy (SAMES) – Audio

Split between South Korea, Spain and Australia – LOV3 MOT3L is a glitch-wave trio.



Perchance it is due to the time-zone combinations and hemispheres in which the three players approach the music, however it comes about, there is a fascinating discombobulation that tips out of the speakers, enmeshing the listener in a delightful puzzle of soft electronics, jangling instrumentation and melted percussion that like an unexpected present delights and confuses by its very presence.

Released recently was the LP – Outside’s Broken (available as a cassette version with a bakers dozen of tracks on it on bandcamp or as a digital version with a dozen tracks also, though separately, on bandcamp) – my selection being the fifth track on both versions – Tizzy (SAMES).

Those of sharper hearing and longer stay may be reminded of the synths of Superborg Boy and you would be right there is a commonality in both iterations.

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Voluptas Mors – The Day I Die – Audio

The Spanish downtempo project Voluptas Mors released the LP Innocence on the 1st.

Voluptas Mors

Voluptas Mors

Innocence is an eight track album (available on bandcamp) full of many different flavours with two alternating voices.

The commonality of theme being the mildest of hints of jazz wrapped inside slowly paced emotive structures containing various electronics and instrumentation with the selected vocalist, adding their own distinctive layering.

My selection from the album is the the fourth, The Day I Die which features Veela as the singer.


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Claudia Vega – Mom – Single Review

Claudia Vega is a realist-folk creator from Spain.

Claudia Vega - photo credit - Clayton Jones Images

Claudia Vega – photo credit – Clayton Jones Images

Released on the 20th – was the single Mom.

The juxtaposition between the languid instrumentation and vociferously emotive vocal gives Mom a singularity of sound that once heard is not easily forgotten.

The lo-fi production enhances the acerbic contemplative of a world replete with self obsessed individuals who appear to genuinely believe that the Universe revolves around them and somehow expects everyone else will tidy up their mess rather than them being prepared to take responsibility for their own behaviour, always assuming – Mom – will make it better and it is always the fault of someone else that when they stomp their baby feet their childish demands are not met.

I would suggest Mom is put on loop for the swathes of the Millennial Generation until it sinks in to their tiny deluded little minds – a wide splice of whom do appear to have a sense of entitlement and lack of any moral or ethical compass whilst blithely tapping away at their screens to discover the next thing to ignore by which to provide them with status.

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