Southway – Human Touch – Video

Southway, the England / South Korea split electro-dance duo were first introduced back in 2013.

Southway - photo credit David Wagner

Southway – photo credit David Wagner

In something of a full circle, when first introduced Southway were based in England, then moved to South Korea and now – their final gig in South Korea has been scheduled for the 16th of December before returning once again to England.

From their forthcoming, as yet untitled LP – Human Touch.

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Southway – Here & Now – Video

The South Korean EDM duo Southway are putting together a new LP.

Southway - Photography by 좋은인상 (Good Impression)

Southway – Photography by 좋은인상 (Good Impression)

The first track to be released from the album – Here & Now finds Southway doing what they do best – ramping up the party mood.

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Southway – Sirens – Audio

The South Korea based EDM duo Southway have occasionally featured since 2013.

Southway - Sirens

Southway – Sirens

To arise most recently is a track that takes Southway in to pastures new, a field they chew on happily as the emphasis of electronic sympathetica is replaced by a more crunchy sound in Sirens as the duo replace the lead configuration of warming synths with pulsing electronic drum beats which find the listener swaggering across the dance-floor in première danseuse mode.

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Southway – Don’t Be Afraid – Video

It has been a couple of years since the England based electro-rock duo Southway last featured.

Southway - The World Outside - artwork

Southway – The World Outside – artwork

Immediately recognisable by the jagged indietronica Don’t Be Afraid is the last of the eleven tracks on the LP The World Outside. The combinations of dance-beat drum machine set within rock formulation gives the track its distinctive sound as the number, in tune with the album as a whole, considers human relationships within the context of societal breakdown and resonates across much of the events occurring around world.

Having spent much of the intervening years, since last being featured, touring across Europe and Asia it is a pleasure to be able to once again take a listen to the music of Southway.

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Southway an electro-rock duo based in London, England is Shaun Jason (Vocals  / Guitar / Drums) and Shiun Kim (Vocals /Keyboard /Drums).

Southway - electro-rock from England


Initially a solo project, it was in 2010 that the first release as a duo was made when a shift saw Southway become more electro-rock centred. An inveterate traveller, Shaun first created his sounds after leaving England for the USA, a shift to South Korea saw the formation of the duo and now based in London – for how long is anyone’s guess. The influences of travels across East and West is evident in the UK ’80s electronics centred material, giving it a far broader appeal and relevancy to the 2010’s than would probably otherwise have been the case.

The combination of drums, guitar and electronics are neatly balanced with a focus on the rock angle, though from time to time they do head to electro-dance and produce sounds which hit the spot. My preference, unsurprisingly, is the more rock edged sounds.  There is plenty for the audience to grab hold of and Southway are an ever present fixture on the touring circuit, where they can be found adding an additional player on occasion,  as they deliver music which enthuses the listener.

Whilst there is a radio friendly sound to the material, it does contain originality and ridges. For new readers of the website my continual anti-radio friendly music stance may seem obtuse, for more established subscribers, this is to be expected and the reason I  make the distinction is that the whole point of me setting up the various sites just over four years ago was to showcase and support the lesser known bands who have something new to add to the world of music and the mainstream radio-play formula very rarely ticks that box for me. Southway more than tick the box.


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